P i c t u r e s   C a n   L i f t   Y o u   U p !


A good image must have a magic light, mood and it needs to be a little mysterious. A good image makes my soul fly as a bird and it lifts me up above the reality.


I`m   C u r i o u s   l i k e   a   C h i l d , 

F a s c i n a t e d   a n d    I n s p i r i e d   b y   L i f e , 

N a t u r e   a n d   P e o p l e   I    l i k e . . . 

My name is Alexandra Badan-Roshchyna. Since I remember myself, I was always fascinated by beauty, which I have seen around me. I was always a visual person. I remember wild flowers on the fields near by the forest, they were so high, that I had to look up to the sky to see their grace. And the sun rays were flowing through them, playing with the wind...

I joined the Art School when I was ten years old. When I was fourteen I attended the Art College at the Academy of Arts of Belarus in Minsk. Afterwards, I studied at the State Academy of Fine Arts where I received a degree in Advertising, Graphic Design and Exhibition Design. When I was just 22 years,  I had the honour to work as a Costume and Decorations Artist on the famous comedy TV series “The Hero of our Tribe”, which was shown on the central TV channels in Russia.

After moving to Switzerland, I worked for the luxury fashion brands such as Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Anne Fontaine, Dolce&Gabbana first as a sales assistant and then as a visual merchandiser. From September 2017 until March 2018 I was studying Visual Marketing in Fashion and Design at the Zurich Business School and I could improve my knowledges in PopUp store design and visual merchandising. From October 2018 until Februar 2019 I was a part of the creative and marketing team of the new brand KA/NOA Italia in Zurich and created X-Mas Windows and Store Design concept as well as participated at the Man`s World 2019. Following my passion for Visual Arts, Photography, Design and Fashion I created my concept blog  and online shop, which I continue to develop.

I admire many different classical and contemporary artists from Leonardo Da Vinci to Banksy and Mika Ninagawa. I was always amazed by photography, especially the Black & White, and famous masters like Sarah Moon, Helmut Newton, Patrizio di Renzo and many more. I was fortunate to learn from Patrizio and his team, by doing 6 month internship in his studio and really appreciate that.

After so many years I can see amazing wild flowers, even the highest of them, I can see endless new fields, which I want to discover. And I know this journey never ends...